Public Disclosure

Long Live Aggregate Mining Co., Ltd (LLA) disclosed it’s EIA study report prepard by E Guard Environmental Services today. LLA produce aggregates from Paung township, Mon States. Anyone interested in the report can review at the designed locations described in the following advertisment.

LLA Announcesment

Myanmar Environmental Portal

The Myanmar Environmental Information Portal (MEIP)  is a one stop shop for anything related to environment in Myanmar. It aims to capture the complete picture of environmental state, trend and decision making in Myanmar.

The information is organized in four categories – interactive charts, maps, e-library and news – and can be accessed quickyly through a combination of thematic menu’s, filters and search functions.

The MEIP is managed and maintained by the MOECAF Environmental Conservation Department with contributions from all Myanmar government organizations. The ADB GMS Core Environment Program provides technical and capacity support.

Public announcesments on this blog site

E Guard is using a new web portal and blog site for public information announcement

E Guard will be using this blog site to post for information about Public Consultation Meeting announcements, Public Disclosures announces. Our new wordpress website updated the new blog post and facebook page post. Our domain would be parked and we are using this domain for our email only starting from today.